American Civil War Ancestor





1st Iowa Cavalry

A History of the First Regiment Iowa Cavalry Veteran Volunteers, by Charles H. Lothrop, 1890 



1st Maine Cavalry

History of the First Maine Cavalry 1861-1865, by Edward P. Tobie, 1887 



3rd Massachusetts Cavalry

The Third Massachusetts Cavalry in the War for the Union, by Rev. James K. Ewer, 1903


New Jersey

1st New Jersey Cavalry

The History of the First New Jersey Cavalry (Sixteenth Regiment New Jersey Volunteers) by Henry R. Pyne, 1871


New York

9th New York Cavalry

History of the Ninth Regiment New York Volunteer Cavalry War of 1861 to 1865, by Newel Cheney, 1901 

11th New York Cavalry

Reminiscences of a Boy in Blue 1862-1865, by Henry Murray Calvert, 1920




3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry

History of the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry Sixtieth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers in the American Civil War 1861-1865, by Regimental History Committee, 1905

7th Pennsylvania Cavalry

History and Roster of the Seventh PA. Cavalry Veteran Volunteers 1861-1865, by Officers of the Organization, 1904 

15th Pennsylvania Cavalry

History of the Fifteenth Volunteer Cavalry which was Recruited and Known as The Anderson Cavalry in the Rebellion of 1861-1865, by Charles H. Kirk, 1906

18th Pennsylvania Cavalry

History of the Eighteenth Regiment of Cavalry Pennsylvania Volunteers (163rd Regiment of the Line) 1862-1865, by Committee of Regimental Association, 1909


Rhode Island


1st Rhode Island Cavalry

Sabres and Spurs: the First Regiment Rhode Island Cavalry in the Civil War 1861-1865, by Rev. Frederic Denison Chaplain, 1876

The First Rhode Island Cavalry at Middleburg, VA. June 17 and 18 1863, by George N. Bliss, 1889

2nd Rhode Island Cavalry

Nineteen Months A Prisoner of War, Narrative of Lt. G. E. Sabre Second Rhode Island Cavalry of His Experience, by Gilbert E. Saberville, 1865

7th Rhode Island Cavalry Squadron

The College Cavaliers a Sketch of the Service of a Company of College Students in the Union Army in 1862, by Samuel B. Pettengill, 1883



1st Tennessee Cavalry

History of the First Regiment of Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry in the Great War of the Rebellion, by William R. Carter, 1902


United States

History of the United States Cavalry From the Formation of the Federal Government to the 1st of June 1863, by Albert G. Brackett, 1865



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